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The AusCover facility provides access to remote sensing data and derived products, associated with land-surface characteristics and biophysical variables derived from satellite and airborne imagery. The facility also provides access to a wide, national network of experts in the field, as well as field methodology protocols and in-situ data for use in ecosystem science and natural resources management.

Featured dataset: MODIS Fractional Cover - Anomaly

The term "fractional cover" refers to the three fractions of a given area that constitute green photosynthetic vegetation (grasses, shrubs and trees), non-photosynthetic vegetation (woody, dry stubble, plus dry litter) and bare ground. This information is derived from satellite data provided by NASA's "MODIS" sensors, following the approach of Guerschman et al (2015). The "anomaly" map above shows the difference in vegetation cover (the photosynthetic plus non-photosynthetic fractions) for the period in question relative to mean vegetation cover fractions estimated for the average of all years since 2000 at the same time of year.

About AusCover

The AusCover facility provides a national expert network and a data delivery service for provision of Australian biophysical remote sensing data time-series, continental-scale map products, and selected high-resolution datasets over TERN sites.

Calibration / Validation

Field Sites for calibration and validation of remote sensing data.

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