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Field Data Collection Forms

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This page contains information on, and links to, field data collection tools and forms for the AusCover field calibration/validation data sets.


AusCover has adopted the use of Open Data Kit (ODK) for the submission of all data to be included in the standard AusCover field data sets. Open Data Kit (ODK) is a suite of software tools designed to enable mobile technology (phones and tablets) to collect field data. More information can be obtained from the ODK website:

The data can either be entered directly in the field using a compatible android device (recommended), or entered post field, transcribed from paper forms, into the online ODK forms (links to forms in table below).  Regardless of how the data is recorded in the field, any data to be included in any of the core AusCover cal/val data sets, for delivery via the AusCover portal, will need to submitted using the appropriate ODK form.  

Some of the online forms have the capacity to accept attachments of instrument files (txt) and image files. Due to size restrictions, not all data can be submitted this way. Larger instrument data files (hemispheric imagery, ground LiDAR scans) will need to provided directly to the database administrator. Please contact to arrange this.

Forms for AusCover Core Calibration/Validation Data Sets

Important note: File uploads (images, text files) will only work using the Google Chrome browser.  Currently web based versions of the ODK forms are not available.

The following table contains links to the online ODK forms and downloads of the paper field forms for collection of data for the core AusCover cal/val data sets.  The online forms can also be downloaded onto compatible Android devices, for direct entry of data in the field (follow the instructions in the next section). When uploading the online forms, if a username and password is requested use - username: rscDatatViewer, password: view)

Data Set ODK Form(s)Hard-copy paper form(s)Notes
Hyperspectral ground calibration data 
  • Details of each measurement set should be recorded using the Calibration Measurements form
  • The instrument files will need to be provided separately.
  • The Calibration Site Details from is designed to capture the geographic coordinates of the targets and other features at the site, as well as details about the instrument and spectralon panel..
Ground lidar
  • The ground lidar scans can not be submitted via the online ODK forms or the field ODK forms, due to size, and will need to be provided separately.
  • If using the webform, field imagery will need to be supplied separately and a reference documented in the form.
Hemispherical photography
  • The hemispherical form should be used whenever hemispherical photography is being collected (typically associated with star transect and ground lidar sites).
  •  The actual hemispheric images can not be submitted through the web or field ODK forms, due to size, and will need to be provided separately.
Tree structural data
  • The tree structural data collection method is designed for data to be collected along with with a star transect or ground lidar site.
  • Photos will need to be provided seperately if using the web version of the form.
SLATS star transect data
  • The SLATS Star Transect Description ODK form will need to be completed.
  • Point intercept measurements can either be collected using the ABARES csv form and attached to the ODK SLATS Star Transect Description form or  collected directly in the field via the ODK SLATS Star Point Intercept form.
  • If basal area measurements are collected at the site, the basal area form should also be used.
  • If tree structural measurements are collected at the site, the tree structural form should also be used.
  • If using the web form, field imagery will need to be supplied separately and a reference documented in the form.
 Basal area
  • Incorporated into star transect and ground lidar field sheets.
  • Basal area measurements taken as component of star transect an ground lidar plot measurements.
Microtops sunphotometer
  • Not applicable
  • Typically no field form of any type is used for the sunphotometer measurements.
Leaf Area Index 
  • The leaf area index form should be used whenever LAI (CI-110) data is being collected (typically associated with star transect and ground lidar sites). 
  • The actual LAI instrument files can be submitted through the online ODK forms. However, the forms can only handle the txt files due to size constraints. All instrument png files should be zipped and submitted seperately. 
  • If recording data directly in the field via the Android version of the ODK form, all instrument png files and instrument txt files will need to be submitted separately.
 Points of interestNot Applicable
  •  Use this form to capture geographic coordinates and images of any points of interest.
 Leaf Samples Not Applicable
  • This form is designed for data update during post-field processing
  • Scans and spectra files can be attached to the form
  • Form is designed to allow for various data to be entered in stages

Using the ODK Field Forms

Find the required form in the table above and then follow these steps to load the form onto your Android device, use and submit the form.

Access the forms

To access the server hosting the forms, follow these steps:

  1. Download the ODK Collect application from Google Play
  2. Open the application
  3. Go into 'General Settings' by pressing the option button on your phone (on phone try button lower left of home button - main button) and selecting 'General Settings'
  4. Under 'URL' connect to the server using this web address:
  5. Under 'Username' enter rscDataViewer
  6. Under 'Password' enter view

Download Forms

To download forms follow these steps:

  1. Open the ODK Collect application
  2. Select 'Get Blank Form' from main menu
  3. Wait for application to connect to server (may take some time if server has not been accessed for awhile)
  4. Select desired form and then press 'Get Selected'
  5. Wait for pop up indicating success and select 'OK'
  6. Form will be downloaded and ready to use

Use Forms

To fill in a blank form:

  1. Open the ODK Collect Application
  2. Select 'Fill Blank Form' from main menu
  3. Select desired form 
  4. Wait for form to load

Using each form is largely intuitive. Trial each form with some dummy data prior to going out into the field and you should quickly get the hang of using the application.

Submit Forms

To submit completed forms:

  1. Open the ODK Application
  2. Select 'Send Finalized Form'
  3. Select form(s) to send
  4. Press 'Send Selected'
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