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Validation of Fractional Cover

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Validation of Australian Fractional Cover Products from MODIS and Landsat Data

Perter Scarth*1,4, Juan Guerschman 2, Kenneth Clarke3 and Stuart Phinn,1,4

 1. Joint Remote Sensing Research Program, The University of Queensland

 2. CSIRO Land and Water

 3. Spatial Information Group, Biological Sciences, The University of Adelaide

 4. Biophysical Remote Sensing Group/ The University of Queensland


The area of ground covered by live or photosynthetic green vegetation, senescent or non-photosynthetic vegetation and bare ground is a fundamental measurement and a regularly updated map product that is required from catchment to continental scales in Australia and other areas around the world. This chapter outlines the four most common fractional cover mapping approaches used for delivering national products (kept on the TERN Auscover Data Portal) of vegetation and bare ground cover fractions in Australia, along with work undertaken to validate these. It specifically includes: the approach of Guerschman et al. (2009) derived from MODIS data; the relative spectral mixture analysis (RSMA) approach of Okin et al. (2007), the Spectral Mixture Analysis Time Series (SMATS), as implemented by Okin et al. (2013) for MODIS data; the land condition index (LCI) approach of Clarke et al. (2011); and the Landsat seasonal fractional cover approach, implemented by Scarth et al. (2010) and applied to Landsat TM and ETM data. Chapter 18 describes how a national network of reference sites was established and used to improve the MODIS (Guerschman et al. 2009) and Landsat (Scarth et al. 2010) derived fractional cover products for Australia.

Key Points

• Fractional cover is a fundamental site and landscape scale measurement required by landholders, non-government organizations and state and federal government departments.

• In Australia, remotely sensed fractional cover products are routinely produced using both MODIS and Landsat satellites.

• The validation of these products has been undertaken using field data collected across representative sites.

• The validated MODIS and Landsat derived fractional cover products are now used as key indicators for a range of environmental monitoring and management activities.

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