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Product pages » Enhanced Vegetation Index (EVI) - MODIS, LPDAAC MOD13Q1 mosaic despiked, Australia coverage

Enhanced Vegetation Index (EVI) - MODIS, LPDAAC MOD13Q1 mosaic despiked, Australia coverage

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Enhanced Vegetation Index (EVI) - MODIS, LPDAAC MOD13Q1 mosaic despiked, Australia coverage


Figure 1: Time series of EVI from the MOD13Q1 product showing spikes prior to removal.

Link to the data

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Data licence and Access rights

RightsCopyright 2008-2012 GA. Rights owned by Geoscience Australia (GA). Rights licensed subject to Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY).
LicenceCreative Commons Attribution 3.0 License,
AccessThese data can be freely downloaded and used subject to the CC BY licence. Attribution and citation is required as described in the Citation section of the executive summary ( We ask that you send us citations and copies of publications arising from work that use these data.

Alternate title

MOD13Q1.005 data cube optimised for time series analysis with spikes/dips removed

Abstract or Summary

EVI time series over some land cover types sometimes contain 'spikes'  and sharp drops that do not represent biophysical changes on the Earth's surfaces.  These spikes need to be removed prior to further analysis.  This dataset uses an algorithm described in the technical report ( to remove spikes/sharp drops from the EVI dataset.  The dataset has also been 'transposed' from individual EVI timeslices into a datacube that can be used for multitemporal analysis.

Spatial and Temporal extents

Spatial resolution (metres)250 m
Spatial coverage (degrees)(110.0 to 155.0 E, -10.0 to -45.0 N
Temporal resolution16 day composite
Temporal coverage2000-03-21 to 2011-04-23
Sensor & platformMODIS Terra
Spatial representation typegrid
Spatial reference systemWGS 84

Point of contact

NameLeo Lymburner
OrganisationNational Earth Observation Group, Geoscience Australia
PositionTeam Leader: Dynamic Land Cover Mapping


See the Acknowledgements section of the executive summary (


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Data quality

The MOD13Q1 data quality is described at This dataset takes the EVI component of the MOD13Q1 data suite and stacks it date sequentially. The stack is then filtered for spikes and drops in the data using the algorithm outlined in the technical report (

Validation status

Despiked EVI does not require validation. Validation of the National Dynamic Land Cover product, which is derived from this product, is introduced in the executive summary (

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ItemDetail or link
PublicationPeter Tan, Leo Lymburner, Medhavy Thankappan, Adam Lewis (2011), Mapping Cropping Practices Using MODIS Time Series: Harnessing the Data Explosion, Journal of the Indian Society of Remote Sensing, Volume 39, Issue 3, pp 365-372
Validation and technical reportLymburner L., Tan P., Mueller N., Thackway R., Lewis A., Thankappan M., Randall L., Islam A., and Senarath U., (2011), The National Dynamic Land Cover Dataset, Geoscience Australia, Symonston, ACT, Australia. Record 2011/31, pp. 95. ISBN 978-1-921954-30-6

Algorithm summary

Details of the spike removal algorithm are contained in the technical report (

Product version history

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1.02011-11-24 Initial release

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