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Leaf Area Index (LAI)

Last modified by Bec Trevithick on 2013/03/13 17:24

Leaf Area Index (raw data and attribute metadata) - AusCover super sites

Link to the data

DescriptorData linkLayer name
Dataset digital object identifier (DOI)Not yet available
GeoNetwork recordNot yet available
Geoserver Super Sites Leaf Area Index (LAI)
ThreddsThredds catalog LAI raw data folderLeaf Area Index (LAI)
Data collection protocolLeaf Area Index (LAI) Protocol 
Attribute metadata Leaf Area Index (LAI) attribute metadata 

Data licence and Access rights


Abstract or Summary

This dataset contains data obtained using two instruments:

LAI 2200 Plant Canopy Analyzer

The LAI-2200 Plant Canopy Analyzer calculates LAI from radiation measurements collected both above and below the ground below 490 nm with a fisheye optical sensor (148° field-of-view) (LI-COR 2009). The solar radiation is measured at five zenith angles. The device which collects the data (LAI-2250 Optical Sensor or wand) then projects the image onto five concentric rings (LI-COR 2009). LAI estimates are based on four assumptions: (a) the foliage is black (no radiation is transmitted or reflected by the vegetation); (b) the foliage elements are small in comparison to the area of view of each sensor ring and the following guideline is applied: the distance between the sensor and the nearest leaf above it should be at least four times the width of the leaf (LI-COR 2009: 1-7); (c) the foliage is randomly distributed; and (d) the foliage is aziumuthally randomly orientated, in other words, leaves face all directions (LI-COR 2009).

The dataset consists of:

  • Shapefile of LAI metadata
  • Raw LAI files
  • Field data collection protocol
  • Shapefile attribute metadata

Spatial and Temporal extents

Spatial resolution (metres)NA
Spatial coverage (degrees)AusCover super sites footprints
Temporal resolutionindividual site visits
Temporal coverageongoing
Sensor & platformcolour or infrared digital camera with hemispherical lens
Spatial representation typevector
Spatial reference systemWGS 84

Point of contact

NameRebecca Trevithick
OrganisationTern AusCover/DISITIA
AddressRemote Sensing Centre, DSITIA, EcoSciences Precinct
Telephone(07) 3170 5679


The following organisations took part in the collection of the data:

  • Curtin University
  • Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology


FoREnvironmental Sciences > Ecological Applications = 0501

Data quality

Positional accuracy of the data varies with site and GPS available. See the data shapefile attributes for specific details.

Validation status

Data has been validated for positional accuracy and basic quality control. 

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Validation report
Online info

Product version history

Version labelDetail
1.0Initial release - incorporating data obtained from the Chowilla, Credo and Robon's Creek AusCover super sites.

Metadata history

2012-12-11Metadata creation date
Created by Bec Trevithick on 2012/12/11 13:19

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