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Product pages » Dynamic Land Cover Dataset - MODIS, Australia coverage

Dynamic Land Cover Dataset - MODIS, Australia coverage

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Dynamic Land Cover Dataset Version 1

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The Dynamic Land Cover Dataset is the first nationally consistent and thematically comprehensive land cover reference for Australia. It provides a base-line for reporting on change and trends in vegetation cover and extent. Information about land cover dynamics is essential to understanding and addressing a range of national challenges such as drought, salinity, water availability and ecosystem health. The new Dataset presents a synopsis of land cover information for every 250m by 250m area of the country from April 2000 to April 2008. In addition to the land cover map, the Dynamic Land Cover Dataset contains 3 layers that show the trend in annual greenness characteristics between 2000 and 2008. These trend layers highlight areas that are becoming greener or less green over time.

The classification scheme used to describe land cover categories in the Dataset conforms to the 2007 International Standards Organisation (ISO) land cover standard (19144-2). The Dataset shows Australian land covers clustered into 34 ISO classes. These reflect the structural character of vegetation, ranging from cultivated and managed land covers (crops and pastures) to natural land covers such as closed forest and open grasslands.

Key specifications

Spatial resolution 0.002349 degrees
Spatial coverageContinental Australia
Temporal resolution8 year synopsis
Temporal coverage2000-2008
Sensor & platformMODIS TERRA
CustodianGeoscience Australia
AlgorithmSee Technical Report

Future development

A bi-annual dynamic land cover dataset will be released in 2012



Executive Summary of the Dynamic Land Cover Dataset


The algorithms used to create DLCDv1 are described in detail in the technical report available at the Dynamic Land Cover Dataset web page.


Quality and limitations

The quality, completeness and validation schema applied to the Dynamic Land Cover Dataset Version 1 are detailed at the Dynamic Land Cover Dataset webpage.

Product variants

The EVI trend data available through the Dynamic Land Cover Dataset web page shows the trend in EVI between 2000 and 2008

Other specifications

CitationLymburner, L., Tan, P., Mueller, N., Thackway, R., Lewis, A., Thankappan, M., Randall, L., Islam, A. and Senarath, U. (2011) Dynamic Land Cover Dataset Version 1, Geoscience Australia
Data sourceGeoscience Australia
Geographical coverageContinental Australia
Coordinate systemWGS84-epsg 4326
Positional accuracy250 metres
Use limitationCreative Commons Attribution 3.0 Australia Licence



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