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Gridded Meteorological

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Gridded Meteorological Data


The gridded meteorological data are observations from ground-based instruments stationed across Australia of rainfall, air temperature and water vapour. The irregularly gridded observations are gridded onto a regular 0.05 degree grid covering Australia using a sophisticated analysis technique described in Jones et al. (2009). This method uses an optimised Barnes successive correction technique that applies a weighted averaging process to the station data. This gridpoint analysis technique provides an objective average for each grid square and enables useful estimates in data-sparse areas such as central Australia. Details of each dataset are available by clicking on the product names below.


Product nameSpatial resolutionTemporal resolution
Interpolated Rain Gauge Precipitation Australia 5km Gridded
0.05 x 0.05oDaily, Monthly

Interpolated Thermometer Maximum/Minimum Air Temperature 1-Day Australia 5km Gridded
0.05 x 0.05o
Interpolated Air Water Vapour Partial Pressure at 9am/3pm 1-Day Australia 5km Gridded 0.05 x 0.05o Daily
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