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Product User Page Sydney LST

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<Day- Night Temperatures>

<National Coverage of Land Surface Temperatures including Day, Night, and Day-Night Difference>
<Vegetation Stress and Land Surface Disturbance>



<One to a few lines describing the product. The satellite day and night land surface temperatures (LST) product is derived from Aqua- and Terra- MODIS sensors at 8-day frequencies and used for plant stress monitoring and, in combination with vegetation indices, detection of disturbance events.

<Optional further lines, for instance describing sensor and product purpose.>

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Key specifications

Spatial resolution1 km and CMG (0.05 deg.)
Spatial coverageAustralia
Temporal resolution8-day and monthly
Temporal coverage2000 to present
Sensor & platformMODIS Terra and Aqua


<Product name><Spatial resolution><Temporal resolution><Link to dataset>
<Add rows as required. Modify columns to suit product?>

Future development

<The daytime, nighttime, and day-night difference land surface temperature products (v.1) will be available in July 2012.  <Text on planned data releases with indication of delivery date>



<Summary of the product characteristics, derivation and use. Add sections as required.>


<One or a few paragraphs describing the details of the algorithm.>


Quality and limitations

<summary of uncertainty of the data. Caveats on the data. Algorithm limitations.>

Data completeness

<Description of temporal and spatial coverage and gaps.>


<Validation results and plans>

Product variants

<Description of related or derived products such as temporal averages, climatological averages, or anomalies from long-term average>

Other specifications

Citation<Title of dataset specific enough to distinguish from related datasets>
Data source<Name of creator or custodian agency for dataset>
Geographical coverage
Coordinate system
Positional accuracy
Update plan
Use limitation<Could be copied from the MEST metadata record>
Use constraints<Could be copied from the MEST metadata record>
Contact<Name, address, email for dataset point of contact>



<Attach documents, e.g. ATBD, validation report>



<Optionally add or delete links and sections>

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