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Product pages

Product pages

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The product pages describe each AusCover data product in detail. They provide information that can not (yet) be captured in a structured metadata record, such as:

The pages also provide an opportunity for users to comment on products and provide feedback to the AusCover project. Comments regarding where a product worked or didn't work or suggestions for improvements are especially helpful. Comments can be added to the individual pages or can be emailed to <data at>.

Product description pages

By continuing you are acknowledging that you have read, understood and will abide by the following Data licence, Disclaimer and Citation requirements.

Data licences: Each data set has its own data licence. Its your responsibility to check the licence for the data you wish to download, access or use. In general AusCover uses CC-BY or the mostly equivalent TERN-BY. You can find the licence for each data set either embedded in the data file (for netCDF/HDF data) or in the metadata record for the data set (follow the GeoNetwork link if available, otherwise the product link in the table below). If you find a data set that is missing or has an inconsistent licence then please let us know.
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Land Cover    
- Landsat (Aust)Fractional cover - Landsat, Joint Remote Sensing Research Program algorithm, Australia coverageAvailable 2JRSRP
 Persistent Green-Vegetation Fraction and Wooded Mask - Landsat, Australia coverageAvailable 1JRSRP
 Forest cover >20% - Landsat, Australia coverageTBD DCCEE
 Forest cover <20% - Landsat, Australia coverageTBD DCCEE

Seasonal fractional cover - Landsat, JRSRP algorithm, Australia coverageAvailable JRSRP 
 Seasonal cover deciles - Landsat, JRSRP algorithm, Australia CoverageAvailable JRSRP 
 Seasonal ground cover - Landsat, JRSRP algorithm, Australia CoverageAvailable JRSRP 
 Seasonal persistent green - Landsat, JRSRP algorithm, Australia CoverageAvailable JRSRP 
- Landsat (QLD)Linear seasonal persistent green trend - Landsat, QLD DSITIA algorithm, QLD Coverage2014/Q3 DSITI 
 Climate adjusted seasonal persistent green trend - Landsat, QLD DSITIA algorithm, QLD Coverage2014/Q3 DSITI 
 Seasonal surface reflectance - Landsat, JRSRP algorithm, QLD CoverageAvailable JRSRP 
 Active crop mapping in the Western Queensland cropping regionAvailable DSITI 
 Active crop frequency mapping in the Western Queensland cropping regionAvailable DSITI 
 Seasonal ground cover statistics - Landsat, QLD DSITIA algorithm, QLD CoverageAvailable DSITI 
 Foliage Projective Cover - Landsat, DSITI algorithm, QLD CoverageAvailable DSITI 
- Landsat (NSW)Seasonal fractional cover - Landsat, JRSRP algorithm, NSW coverageAvailable NSW OEH 
 Water Count and Prevalence - Landsat, JRSRP algorithm, NSW coverageAvailable NSW OEH 
 Green Accumulation Index - Landsat, JRSRP algorithm, NSW coverageAvailable NSW OEH 
 Western NSW refugia - Collection, JRSRP algorithm, NSW coverageAvailable  NSW OEH 
- SPOT (NSW)Woody Extent and Foliage Projective Cover - SPOT, OEH algorithm, NSW coverageAvailable NSW OEH 
- MODISFractional cover - MODIS, CSIRO Land and Water algorithm, Australia and global coverageAvailable 2CSIRO
 Fractional cover - MODIS, Monthly median composites, Australia coverageAvailable 2NSW OEH
 Total cover - MODIS, Land Condition Index (LCI) algorithm, Australia coverageAvailable UA
 Dynamic Land Cover Map - MODIS, Australia coverageAvailable GA
 Land Cover Type - MODIS, LPDAAC MCD12Q1 mosaic, Australia coverageAvailable 2CSIROYes
 Vegetation Continuous Fields - MODIS, LPDAAC MOD44B mosaic, Australia coverageTo be updated 1CSIROYes
- ICESat/GLASVegetation height and structure - derived from ALOS-1 PALSAR, Landsat and ICESat/GLAS, Australia coverageAvailable 1JRSRPYes
Ecosystem Variables    
 Gross Primary Productivity - MODIS, LPDAAC MOD17A2 mosaic, Australia coverageAvailable 3CSIROYes
 Land Cover Dynamics - MODIS, LPDAAC MCD12Q2 mosaic, Australia coverageAvailable 2CSIROYes
 Phenology - MODIS, derived from MOD13C2 EVI, Australia coverageAvailable UTSYes
 Phenology - MODIS, derived from MOD13A1 EVI, NSW-Vic coverageAvailable UTS
 Ecosystem Disturbance Index - MODIS, UTS algorithm, Australia coverageAvailable UTS
 Fractional cover metrics - MODIS, ABARES algorithm, Australia coverageAvailable ABARES
 Above ground Vegetation Biomass - Australia coverageTBD CSIRO
 Above Ground Biomass - (Kyoto and Carbon III method), Australia coverage2013/Q2 JRSRP
- Vegetation Indices    
 Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) and Enhanced Vegetation Index (EVI) - MODIS, LPDAAC MOD13Q1 mosaic, Australia coverageAvailable 3CSIROYes
 Enhanced Vegetation Index (EVI) - MODIS, LPDAAC MOD13Q1 mosaic despiked, Australia coverageAvailable n/aGAYes
 Enhanced Vegetation Index (EVI) and Land Surface Temperature (LST) - MODIS, spatially and temporally interpolated, Australia coverageAvailable UTS
 Normalised Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) - AVHRR, without atmospheric correction, Australia coverageAvailable UVBoMYes
 Normalised Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) - AVHRR, with atmospheric correction, Australia coverage2013/Q2 BoM
 Normalised Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) - AVHRR, with atmospheric and angular correction, Australia coverage2013/Q2 BoM
 Normalised Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) - Landsat, with atmospheric, angular and terrain correction, Australia coverage2013/Q3 UVJRSRP
- LAI/FPAR    
 Leaf Area Index (LAI) and Fraction of Photosynthetically Active Radiation (fPAR) - MODIS, LPDAAC MOD15A2 mosaic, Australia coverageAvailable 2 (LAI)
 1 (fPAR)
 Fraction of Photosynthetically Active Radiation (FPAR) - AVHRR, CSIRO Land and Water algorithm, Australia coverageAvailable CSIROYes
 Chlorophyll fraction of photosynthetic radiation (fPARchl) - MODIS, UTS algorithm, Australia coverageAvailable UTS
 Burnt Area and Approximate Day of Burn - MODIS, Australian algorithm, Australia coverageAvailable 2maitecYes
 Near Real-Time Burnt Area - MODIS, Australian algorithm, Australia coverageAvailable 2maitec 
 Fire Frequency - MODIS, Australian algorithm, Australia coverageTBD maitec
 Fire Frequency - AVHRR, Australian algorithm, Australia coverageAvailable 1maitecYes
 Fire Severity - MODIS, North Australia coverageAvailable 2maitec
 Sub-pixel Fire Patchiness - MODIS, Australia coverageAvailable 1maitec
 Post-Fire Reflectance Change - MODIS, Australia coverageAvailable maitec 
 Thermal Anomalies (Fire Hotspots) - MODIS, LPDAAC MOD14A2 mosaic, Australia coverageAvailable 3CSIROYes
 Burned Area - MODIS, LPDAAC MCD45A1 mosaic, Australia coverageAvailable 1CSIROYes
 Active-fire based Burned Area - MODIS, University of Maryland MCD64A1 mosaic, Australia coverageAvailable 2CSIROYes
 Grassland Curing - MODIS, Bushfire CRC algorithms, Australia and states coverageAvailable 1BoMYes
 Annual Fire Scars - Landsat, QLD DSITI algorithm, QLD coverageAvailable DSITI 
Radiation, Meteorology
and Ancillary
 Daily Rain Gauge Precipitation (Rainfall) - Gridded, Australia coverageAvailable 3BoM
 Daily Air Temperature - Gridded, Australia coverageAvailable 3BoM
 Daily Air Water Vapour Pressure - Gridded, Australia coverageAvailable 3BoM
 Daily Solar Radiation (Global Horizontal Exposure) - Australia coverageAvailable 2BoM
 Land Surface Temperature and Emissivity - MODIS, LPDAAC MxD11 mosaic, Australia coverageAvailable 2CSIROYes
 Land Surface Temperature Day Night Difference - MODIS, derived from MxD11 LST, Australia and New Zealand coverageAvailable UTS
 Digital Elevation Model derivatives - SRTM, Australia coverageTBD CSIRO
 Landsat Cloud, Shadow and Water mask - Australia coverageAvailable 2JRSRP
 Soil Moisture - Satellite, Australia coverage2013/Q2 BoM
Base Satellite Data and
Inputs to Satellite Processing
 Nadir BRDF Adjusted Reflectance (NBAR) - Landsat, JRSRP algorithm, Australia coverage2012/Q3 2JRSRP
 Nadir BRDF Adjusted Reflectance (NBAR) - MODIS, CSIRO/Geoscience Australia algorithm, Australia coverageTo AGDC CSIRO/GA
 BRDF and Albedo model parameters, quality and Nadir BRDF Adjusted Reflectance (NBAR) - MODIS, LPDAAC MCD43 mosaic, Australia coverageAvailable 3CSIROYes
 Surface reflectance - Landsat, Geoscience Australia algorithm, Australia coverageTBD  GA
 Surface reflectance - MODIS, 19-band with atmospheric correction, Australia coverageTo be updated 1CUYes
 Surface reflectance - MODIS, LPDAAC MxD09 mosaic, Australia coverageAvailable 2CSIROYes
 Aerosol optical depth - Australia coverage2013/Q2 BoM
 Total column water vapour - Australia coverage2013/Q2 BoM
 Total Column Water Vapour - MODIS, Australia coverageAvailable maitec 
 Total column ozone - Australia coverage2013/Q4 BoM
 Mean sea level pressure - Australia coverage2013/Q4 BoM
 TOA Reflectance Red/NIR - MODIS, North and Central Australia coverageAvailable 3maitec
 Short-Term Reflectance Anomalies - MODIS, Australia coverageAvailable maitec 
Site-Based DatasetsNOTE:  These site based data sets are not static - they are directly created from database records and as such will change with ongoing data collection.   
- AirborneAirborne LiDAR - Reigl Q560, point, raster and full waveform, Australian field sites (including AusCover supersites)Available UQ
 Airborne hyperspectral data - Hawk and Eagle, Instrument data, Australian field sitesAvailable UQ
- GroundBiomass Plot Library - Collation of stem inventory data and biomass estimation, Australian field sitesAvailable JRSRPYes
 Terrestrial laser scans - DWEL, processed instrument files and ancillary data, Australian field sitesAvailable CSIRO
 Terrestrial laser scans - Riegl VZ400, raw instrument files and ancillary data, Australian field sitesAvailable JRSRP
 Terrestrial laser scans - Riegl VZ400, individual tree point clouds and cylinder models, Rushworth ForestAvailable Wageningen UniversityYes
 Hyperspectral ground calibration data - spectroradiometer, raw spectroradiometer instrument files and ancillary data, AusCover super sitesAvailable JRSRP
 SLATS Star transects - point intercept and field measurements, vegetation measurement summaries, point intercept data, ancillary data and field photos, AusCover Super SitesAvailable 2JRSRP
 Tree structural characteristics - field measurements, ancillary data and field photos, AusCover super sitesAvailable JRSRP
 Hemispherical photography - digital camera and hemispheric lens, raw imagery and ancillary data, Australian field sitesAvailable JRSRP
 Leaf samples (leaf scans, leaf spectra and attribute data) - AusCover super sites2013/Q2 JRSRP
 Leaf Area Index (raw instrument data, hemispheric photography and attribute data) - AusCover super sites2013/Q3 JRSRP
 Sunphotometer Aerosol Optical Depth - Microtops, instrument data, AusCover super sitesAvailable JRSRP 
 Sunphotometer Ozone - Microtops, instrument data, AusCover super sitesAvailable JRSRP
 Australian ground cover reference sites databaseAvailable ABARES
 Hyperspectral Surface Reflectance - Hyperion, Enhancement and atmospheric correction technique, Australia coverage Available  CUYes
 Level 3 joint atmosphere product - MODIS, LAADS MxD08, Australia coverageAvailable CUYes
 Aerosol - MODIS, MxD04, Australia coverageAvailable CU
 Water Vapour  - MODIS, MxD05, Australia coverageAvailable CU
 Cloud - MODIS, MxD06, Australia coverageAvailable CU
 Atmospheric Profiles  - MODIS, MxD07, Australia coverageAvailable CU
 Cloud Mask - MODIS, MxD35, Australia coverageAvailable CU 


Partial dataset available; or
Dataset partially integrated into AusCover (for example, on external website)
Not yet available

Validation stage

AusCover has adopted the CEOS/WGCV/LPV classification of land product validation stages, which is briefly described here.

n/aNot applicable. The product is an intermediate product for which it is more appropriate to validate its source and derivative products. 
1Product accuracy is assessed from a small (typically < 30) set of locations and time periods by comparison with in-situ or other suitable reference data.
2Product accuracy is estimated over a significant set of locations and time periods by comparison with reference in situ or other suitable reference data.
3Uncertainties are characterized in a statistically robust way over multiple locations and time periods representing the complete range of environmental conditions.


ABARESAustralian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences 
BoMBureau of Meteorology
CSIROCommonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation
 - CSIRO Land and Water
 - CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research
CDUCharles Darwin University
CUCurtin University
DCCEEDepartment of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency
DSITIQueensland Department of Science, Information Technology and Innovation
GAGeoscience Australia
JRSRPJoint Remote Sensing Research Program (Queensland, New South Wales and Victorian governments)
NSW OEHNSW Office of Environment and Heritage
UAUniversity of Adelaide
UQUniversity of Queensland
UTSUniversity of Technology, Sydney

GN (GeoNetwork)

Direct link to the corresponding GeoNetwork record if available. The GeoNetwork records represents the "point of truth" metadata from which other services such as the TERN Data Discovery Portal will harvest.

This product list and the associated product pages represent a "live" working list that is maintained and updated by AusCover participants. There is no automatic updating or syncing between this list and the associated pages and GeoNetwork. Instead the AusCover data managers and administrators are engaged in a gate-keeper role to copy metadata from here and ensure that only accurate, well described and consistent metadata are presented by GeoNetwork. As such this list and the associated pages may contain updated, or more expansive information, than the corresponding GeoNetwork records.


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