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Last modified by Matt Paget on 2012/07/31 21:00

GEO-wiki is a tool that allows the public to view spatial maps and to edit individual pixels. The idea is that the general public can be utilised to validate remotely sensed products.

GEO-Wiki is maintained by the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, Austria.

Main page:

Reference publication:

Kasper is leading the charge to initiate a conversation and potential collaboration with the GEO-Wiki developers/maintainers. Peter Scarth and Matt P offer technical know-how.

The Austrian developers have enabled an AusCover instance of their Geo-Wiki:

Peter Scarth has enabled a couple of datasets in and, with the support of the Austrians, these were enable in the auscover geo-wiki.

However, there are a couple of questions that we have:

  • Styling issues of WMS from geoserver and discrepancies between google earth and the google earth plugin within geo-wiki.
  • How to receive information on user updates from within the geo-wiki system.
  • Is it worth operating an instance of geo-wiki within Australia.

From May-Sept 2012, the Austrian developers have indicated that they are undertaking an improvement and update to the geo-wiki code and operating environment. This is in response to projects, including AusCover, who have requested access to features and extensibility. AusCover look forward to seeing the results of this work by the Austrians and seeking ways for collaboration.

Telecon with Austrians 2012-05-24

Geo-wiki new version

  • Separate branch for AusCover.
  • New version in July.
  • Full system and docs in Sept.


  • DB VM and webserver VM.
  • Ubuntu
  • Apache
  • Postgis
  • OGC

Image details

  • 8 bit raster with no-data values.
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