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Teams » Metadata and data systems - current activities

Metadata and data systems - current activities

Last modified by Matt Paget on 2012/05/08 11:51

Within each group rows are ordered somewhat according to priority.

Dataset versioningConsistent dataset versioning within Geonetwork recordsLuke
Fields of Research codesImplement in Geonetwork recordsLuke, Mat
Dataset licensing and citation info

Consistent license and citation/access (rights) info within Geonetwork records

  • Create a standard statement, or set of statements.
    • Based off the records to date, or;
    • Luke's WAMSI/AODN experience.
  • Get the statement(s) cleared by TERN legal.
Luke, Matt P
RIF-CSAlign data fields with the RIF tags that the TERN portal expects.Mat, Matt P
Information Management PlanEvolve cookbook and governance docs.Luke, Matt P
Digital object identifiers (DOIs)

TERN Portal have a demo system in place. Wait for their go ahead to start using it.

  • ANDS are a wholesaler, TERN are a retailer.
  • Not just anyone can create DOIs; need to be a trusted administrator in the eyes of ANDS and TERN.
  • AusCover can fulfill this role; need the right processes in place for ongoing management.
  • Some AusCover datasets may have their DOI managed by other entities, e.g. CSIRO.
Matt P, Mat
Automate metadata record management

Build a (semi-)automated process for ingest of metadata between Geonetwork and Wiki.

  • Take xls form to the next level perhaps with a drupal form page.

Field and validation dataWho
Link site data to EcoInformaticsCoord with Ecoinformatics for them to harvest AusCover site data from the UQ GeoserverBec
Lidar and Hypersectral airborne imagery

Develop an integrated field and airborne data delivery system. It could be as simple initially as a data management framework and HTTP access.

  • Raw formats for fundamental research.
  • Derived products such as vegetation height and density for ecologists.
  • Refer to NEON's implementation of a delivery and management system (for interoperability).
Flux and Supersite subsets

Pre-canned initially. On-the-fly subsetting in the not too distant future.

  • LPDAAC products
  • 19-band MODIS
  • Fractional Cover (guerschamn initially)
  • LST and other products from UTS

Data systemWho
AusCover disclaimer
  1. Hack together some text from CSIRO, Supersites, Portal, Sentinel disclaimers.
    • AusCover is a handshake provider between data producers and data users.
    • The data user needs to refer to the license and citation information for each datasets.
  2. Get it cleared by TERN legal (A. Bradshaw)
  3. Create a drupal page for it and put a link to it from every AusCover related website.
Matt P
Server statisticsParse Thredds and Geoserver (and Opendap? and Geonetwork?) logs to extract download statisticsMatt N, Duan
Engage with RDSIHelp shore up storage for AusCover services at WA, Qld and Canberra nodesMatt P, Edward
Large shared storage for CanberraCoord with CSIRO IM&T for dedicated shared storageMatt N, Matt P
HDF5/NetCDF4 libraries
  • Build for Canberra local services.
  • Document for other nodes
Matt P, Edward
Implement scheduled downtime

Once per week at a known and advertised time.

  • Software upgrades.
  • Major backups.
  • Restart Tomcat.
  • Restart machine if necessary.
Matt N
Setup a Git or SNV repositoryShare system and processing codeMatt N

Time series visualisation
WMS service
AODAAC subsetting and aggregationSupport delivery and implementation of AODAAC aggregator
Geo-wikiKasper, Peter, Matt P
Yabi-RS workflows

Shutdown ARCS Trac wikiMigrate useful content to either xwiki or drupalMatt P
Shutdown useful content to drupalMat
Shutdown useful content/structure to drupalMat
Intuitive navigation and contentDevelop content and layout of drupal site.Mat(t [PN]), Alan
Validation space

Build validation pages

  • With OpenLayers module?

GlossaryAdd a glossary of terms used throughout AusCover.Matt N

Make products table filterable and sortableSee Tables section in
Wiki gardening
  • Link to all team's meeting minutes
  • Clean up dead attachments in the product description pages

Darwin data users workshopPlan for a workshop, possibly in July 2012Stefan, Luke
Melbourne data users workshopPlan for a workshop, possibly in September 2012Ian, Luke
Canberra data users workshopPlan for a workshop, possibly in October 2012Matt P, Luke
Sydney data users workshopPlan for a workshopKevin, Luke
Adelaide data users workshopPlan for a workshopKen, Luke

Completed activities since May 2012

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